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Dang those are massive... they look even bigger on their sides!
How do they sound? I imagine the low end will be different, perhaps even better.

They sound nothing like the last pair of 4350s I had which is bizarre? I did spend 3x more on these crossovers, but outside of that and using the 2450 loaded with the 2441 diaphragms they are the same? The cabinets are obviously thicker and have a steel l-channel in every internal corner.

The bass is much tighter than the last pair. My room is of very thin construction so keeping the bass in is always an issue. Lucky these JBL's play with enough authority they overcome the room issues.

My other 4350s were a little in your face, they could get over bearing in my obviously under sized room. If I could describe these in a few words......Refined, well put together and dare I say sweet sounding? I'm incredibly happy with these.

I am in the process of gathering the parts for a 4345 (I have everything but the mid-bass drivers) so once they are up and running I'll have a shoot out to see which one I'll keep.