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Thread: Choosing a Mid-range that Fits.

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    Hi Morton?

    This is a wild card idea.

    Years ago in a local club they had a particular good system build as a permanent installation.

    They used three 2225 drivers back then, 4 x K110 and a 2497 with dual drivers.

    The system was very smooth and had good linearity for life bands a d disco.

    You could scale the approach to your domestic situation with the 2123 or the 2251.

    Those 2226 woofers are going to be close to 99 dB if closely coupled and make use of a 4 ohm load on a suitable amplifier. So the notion of 2 x 2251 or the 2123 could deliver high sensitivity and very low distortion with a nice relatively small separate amplifier for the mid and top end.

    If you chose the 4351 orientation this would allow latitude for a multi way composite driver baffle snd more flexibility in enclosure placement.

    Typically the 4350 needs a back wall of 4 metres to enable sufficient spacing of the mid and horn while keeping the outer woofer a modest distance from the side walls. 6 or 7 metres is preferred to avoid side wall interference.

    So you might find the 4351 type of enclosure orientation easier to work with. One woofer near the floor with provide some boundary reinforcement while the upper woofer will be led effected in the upper bass. Similarly the 10 inch driver array will be well clear of wall boundaries as the enclosure could be oriented for the mid and horn inside or outside looking at the baffle layout.

    Something to think about.

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    OK! I made some revisions to the crossovers on the Mermans and have produced the best version to date.

    As always, this is just a CD played on the Oppo 95 through the Yamaha RX-Z9 receiver set to CD direct. There is no sub, digital processing, eq, or electronic room correction or acoustic room treatment involved. The room is fairly large (26 x 16.5 x 7.5 --->16' ceiling), open in one corner to the entry hall and the dining area. You are hearing just the two inner speakers recorded on a Nikon D750 digital camera.

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    Boy do I have egg on my face. In the video of Dire Straits I had just redone the crossovers (for the ??? time) and the Heils were out of phase. This was creating a dip from ~2-5kHz, but they still sounded damn good. That's now been corrected and the band is much smoother through that area.

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    Nice sounding system you have there.

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