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Thread: Issue with rattling 2235H

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    Issue with rattling 2235H

    Evening folks, it's been a long time since I have posted here. I have a 2235h on my bench that is rattling. Before I start cutting the dust cap off and those kinds of things, I want to know if any of you have ran into a loose mass ring? The spider is good at the frame and the former.

    I would say it takes about 10 to 20 watts to get this thing making the noise in question. Any ideas out there?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I had a pair of 2225's re-coned with 2235 kits. One of them developed a rattle where I can shake the driver and get it to click. I seems like there is something under in the gap below the voice coil. I can't imagine it being the shorting ring. I think it might be part of the original coil from the 2225. I purchased the pair as empty baskets.

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    Hi Thumper, I have had a few over the years exhibit the same problem. With the driver on the bench take a finger and tap on the dust cap dome. If the mass ring has become unattached you will hear it when tapping the dome. After years they do come loose if you drive them real hard and smack the top plate a few times.

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    ( This can also ) be a symptom that the internal foam filter has disintegrated ( it's definitely over-due ) and some bits & pieces have migrated into the gap.
    - Usually this is a funny rubbing/almost grinding sound .

    Removing the foil-cal on the back of the magnet ( then shining a flashlight down the back-vent ) will help determine this possibility.
    - A heat gun will release the glue holding the foil-cal in place > then a metal bladed putty knife will help lift the foil-cal ( definitely do-able in one nice // flat piece for regluing later ) .

    No matter what, it's time to remove that internal foam filter before it does damage to the voice-coil.

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    I second the rotten foam and it's something I do automatically on ALL the drivers of this series.
    You can look with a flashlight through the grill if the foam is still intact or disintegrating.

    Follow the advice above for removing the foilcal, then, with the driver facing down, you can insert your finger to smash the remaining of foam and clean (with that finger) the surface of the pole piece and remove the remnants of foam, it will all gather in the dust cap. DO NOT TURN THE DRIVER FACING UP!!!!

    Now when all the stuff is inside the dustcap, take a vacuum cleaner and suck the stuff out while tapping gently on the cone, eventually, all the remnants of foam and glue will be sucked out of the driver.

    If some stuff has already entered the voice coil it maybe harder to get.

    If your fingers are long enough you can also feel the mass ring and see if it still properly attached.

    I know it may sound weird to insert a finger in there but trust me, it works. Best if you do it before the foam breaks down.
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    It is loose mass ring

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