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Thread: Help with XPL 140s

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    Help with XPL 140s

    I've always been happy with my L100s and S412s, but I've always wanted to get a taste of high end JBLs. I finally bought a pair of XPL 140s off of someone on facebook. He misrepresented the condition they were in by showing pics of speakers other than the ones he was selling, They were beaters. See pics

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    I planned on doing a complete restoration on them and reached out to Ken (edgewound) at Upland Speaker Repair. I heard from him a few days later and sent them to him. I mentioned the finger stick in the 3 inch dome which was not shown in the pics from the seller. He said he might be able to do something with it but made no promises. The speakers came back a while later. I unwrapped the first 093Ti and the dome was perfect, I figured it was the good one. I unwrapped the other one and it too was perfect, I couldn't tell wihich one had been pushed in. I was amazed to see how good they looked. All the workmanship was on this level, top shelf. He resuspended the woofers with new surrounds, spiders and domes. They will need about 40 hours to break in. The sound is changing even during the same disc, but they haven't failed to put a big grin on my face when listening to them. I restored the cabinets to good condition and the speakers are as good as new or possibly slightly better.My highest recommendations go to Upland Speaker Repair. Thanks Ken for a great job.

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    Glad it worked out! Nice set of speakers!

    "I could be arguing in my spare time"

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    Always glad to see Kens good work.

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    Awesome, they look really great!

    Congratulations on your “new” speakers.


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    Neat. I have a pair of XPL 200's which have the same mid & tweeter combo as yours. Want to send my set of mids & tweets out to him, just need to get my 128H back from him first.

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