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Thread: 3105, 3115 crossover questions

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    Based on widget's insight you'll be using the 075

    So now you need to install the new capacitors you bought in place of the old ones

    i suggest you get yourself very small cone speakers like 1-2" dia. max that will go above 7khz, this to avoid using the 075 at this point with such old gear in case of malfunction that may damage the 075. These speakers can be found at electronic surplus stores for cheap.

    Test the crossovers and L-pad using the small speakers with low level music. Exercise the rotary L-Pad controls to confirm they work ok

    If testing seems to go well then you're ready for the next step with the 075 diaphragms, and hope for the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Widget View Post
    All vintage JBL ring radiator tweeters (pre-D2) are the same whether labeled 8 ohms or 16 ohms. JBL has confused thousands of people over the years with their changing labels. The 075/2402 tweeter which is the correct tweeter for the 3105 and the 077/2405 use diaphragms of different thickness aluminum, but they are all about 10-12 ohms.

    BTW: The 077/2405 tweeters use the 3106 crossover.

    Regarding your diaphragms with different impedance ratings, if they were made by JBL, they will be either for the 075/2402 or 077/2405, but they will not offer two different impedances. Diaphragms from other sources can be of any spec, and so far no one seems to have offered an alternative diaphragm that works properly in either of these JBL ring radiators.


    3105 with 075 tweeters , I have 2 diferent ohm generic diaphragms not jbl

    8 ohm = about 6 ohm at mulimeter directly to diaphragm
    16 ohm = about 11 11.5 ohm

    for the moment is the only options that I have

    which ohm is my best option ?
    thanks in advance
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    I wouldn't sweat the impedance... it'll be off a bit either way. I would try both and see if either one works for your application. I'll be surprised if you are able to get a final pair that are assembled and sound identical.


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    Special Secret diaphram tweak

    I am certain that I read here about a step in the production of ring radiators that one of the experienced assemblers developed a simple adjustment, (with a pencil?) on the diaphragms that allowed them to pass the factory frequency response and/or distortion tests. Apparently without this adjustment many of the drivers did not pass. If this is true, does it need to be done when a replacement diaphragm is installed? I figured it was something that might improve the OP's results.
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    I also remember reading something here to that effect not long ago. However don't remember the details anymore than you do...

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