Looking for some temporary surround speakers for my theater and bought a pair of JBL 25-1L to test. Hooked them up in stereo and listened to some music. Had a LSR705i to compare with directly.

Short summary: I was very surprised! The 25-1 has weak and non-existing bass compared to the LSR705i. No comparison.
But from ~100hz and up I think the 25-1 actually sounded surprisingly good. Clean, smooth, well-behaved and dynamic. A little forward sounding, but so is the LSR705i.

I am curious if anyone else has done any hifi-listening with this speaker as well. My brain might try and trick me into thinking that a "free lunch" exists, so could be interesting to hear other experiences.

This is the speaker: https://jblpro.com/en/products/control-25-1l

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