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Thread: New gear (and monitors) at the cbc

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    New gear (and monitors) at the cbc

    The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) recently updated equipment in some of their Control rooms. The main attraction here is the nice Digital Studer Vista console (pic # 2168), in addition to the three pairs of monitor speakers used.

    Don't hear much anymore about Studer by Harman since the Revox name in Studer-Revox has disappeared. Now that business appears to focus on big bucks mixing consoles. Quick check today and i see in Harman brands the name Studer isn't there anymore... Must have sold it, found them at

    The most interesting aspect though is in trying to identify the monitor speakers on duty. Four pics, not as clear as i wish, one with a different angle being little more revealing for the two smaller pairs.

    For the larger in-wall model my best guess would be British ATC? Powered monitors with lights on. Had a quick look at ATC, didn't see it, but one model seems to have SOME similar "DNA", still not the same and is a 3-way vs 2-way on the pics posted. So no better than a 50/50 chance. Maybe a custom made ATC? For some reason the woofer makes me think of ATC, as well as the unit, just above the middle of the mixer, might have ATC written on it when pic is enlarged? (pic # 2165)

    In the past the CBC seemed to have a crush for British monitors (e.g. Spendor, etc.), but they've used others, depending on the application, i've seen them using some Altec too for a live show (not a lot of wideband output from a Spendor).

    The second largest pair, also 2-way powered monitors with light on, has a narrow but pretty deep enclosure. This reminds me of a Dynaudio enclosure, not exclusive to them however, but also the large dustcap for the small woofer size, might be a clue. So i'd risk Dynaudio for that pair?

    The smaller third pair looks to me as the easiest one to guess. The Auratone small cube? If so, they've been around for a long time in studios to assess how a mix would sound with standard radio or tv speakers.

    Some members here may have seen before, or even owned, such speakers. Any guess or ideas?

    Another Control room was equipped with a mid-size Solid State Logic (SSL) digital console. Haven't found that pic yet in my stuff. When i do will post it.


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    This is what happens when I am procrastinating. A little zooming and lightening on your photo shows the speaker is a 3-way:
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    As you guessed, it looks alot like an ATC SCM150ASL
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    I think i found what the in-wall main monitors are.

    My pics of these are so dark that i couldn't see the third way (tweeter) at the top right of the box. It is 3-way and its an ATC monitor as i thought, model SCM 150 ASL Pro (15" woofer, light color surround as on my pics). Don't have a price on this pair.

    However, the very similar model just under, SCM 100 ASL Pro (12" woofer, dark color surround), retails for $23,600.CAD for the pair. Guess the 15" driver model would retail here for $25K+/pair. Not exactly pocket change.

    But very nice monitors, all hand-made in Britain. I assume extensive listening tests took place before they decided on monitoring speakers, as they usually do. Well, with ATC the CBC has honored a British monitor once again...

    ** HI HCSGuy, just as i was going to post an update saw yours. Nice procrastinating, i appreciate your help. Found it too. Didn't change my post above. That Studer console is something, why Harman dumped Studer is beyond me. Nice gear isn't it? Can't afford it for sure though, sniff. Also confirms the unit above middle of console is an ATC processor or similar. Remains the 2nd largest pair, Dynaudio or other. Do you think Dynaudio might fit the bill or not? Best regards, Richard

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