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Thread: Planning a listen off, old vs the new kid

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    Planning a listen off, old vs the new kid

    Wife went out of town for the week. I finally get to settle in to the recliner and run some frequency sweeps and sound comparisons between my fav bookshelf’s the L1, L20T3, RBH reference and my new 530 that I bought on the last sale. So far, playing it bi-amped with a Nakamichi PA-1, ive been very impressed. It’s kind of a proving grounds for venturing into a pair of 590. I just picked up a pair of L7 in wonderful condition so I’m having a bit of guilt on the desire for a 590 purchase. I missed the last sale by a day which could be a good thing. I’m not sure how the 590 will compare against my L100T, L80t, L3 and L7. After listening to the L7 bi-amped on my flagship Rotel, it’s jaw dropping/life altering. It has so much power and presence.

    I ask too much of the good people here. But if I could get your tacit approval on the 590, that would get me closer for apologizing for the purchase than asking for permission. I would be interested in some opinions from folks that have, or do own both.

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    I'd say the evidence favors your intentions. Plus, I'd like to hear your thoughts on comparing the 590 to the L7!
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    I can't compare the 590, but I can say I've heard L7's through some sort of 90's Kenwood preamp and Adcom GFA 555 II amp, the very amp I bought and have been using the past eight months or so. They sounded terrible despite everything I've read, not sure why. Could be the source or that preamp but I remember kind of regretting my purchase of the 555 II. However, when I got it set up at my house and powering my XPL200's, I was very impressed. Then when I bought the second one and bridged both to power my L150A's, I was blown away.

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