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Thread: using JBL passive crossovers with JBL 8 ohm horn drivers?

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    using JBL passive crossovers with JBL 8 ohm horn drivers?

    I have 2 different spare JBL crossovers I'd like to use. I know I read an older post about this before?
    One crossover is from a JBL sp212-9 that uses a 8 ohm 2206 on the low and a 16 ohm 2447 on the high if I'm correct?
    I bought it used and would like to use it on a build. I have 2206 8 ohm speakers to use. I want to use the 8 ohm 2432 1.4" JBL driver on the highs. I believe this crossover is set at 1200hz?
    That would change if I use it with the 8 ohm horn, right? Will it be too low?
    Again the same question if I use a spare JBL 3120a 1200hz crossover with the other 8 ohm 2432 horn driver I have. What would the frequency change to?
    I may just wire them direct for bi-amping and use a spare Crown XTI1002 amp with built in crossovers. I thought it might be nice to have onboard crossovers as I have them laying right here. So maybe I'll add a switch or mechanical means to go from passive to bi-amp. The JBL AM series speaker I have has to be changed inside to go between passive and active anyways.
    Thanks for any help...

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    Simply considering impedance is oversimplifying the application of passive crossovers. Yes, impedance absolutely matters, but a well designed crossover is so much more complicated than a simple slope and -3dB point for a given driver impedance.


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