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Thread: Harmon Citation 7.4 passive sub

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    Harmon Citation 7.4 passive sub

    My LE14h-1 drivers are back from repair. While bulking up the minimal dampening material, I discovered that this passive sub has a crossover installed. The manual states there is no crossover. Iíve removed them and wired the woofers directly to the terminal cups. Iím using a RBH SA-400 sub amp to drive the pair.

    The low end is superb. Seems bottomless, wonderful musical tone. Very flat which is typical from JBLís Linear line of woofers. Any thoughts on the crossover. It may be there to protect the woofer from lunkheads. Name:  2E543591-B28F-4C49-924B-53076983BEF0.jpg
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    A pic of the other side of the board would be helpful, so we can see where everything goes. I'm guessing that filter is there to tame the inductance and make the driver an easier load on whatever amplifier is driving it. That is said with the caveat that passive crossovers are not my thing, so this is just a barely educated guess.
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