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Thread: How To Remove Mid Driver From L110A

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    How To Remove Mid Driver From L110A

    The midrange drivers in my L110As won't budge. I have removed the bass driver and the tweeter without difficulty, how do you remove the mid driver?

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    Iíve always done it with an angled pick through the screw holes, or even prying with a small slotted screwdriver. If I remember, the drivers donít have a bevel to the back edge of the frame, so you canít shove a plastic paint scraper in, and anything else shoved in the side will probably mar the finish of the front of the cabinet. Screw holes are your only option, I think. You might also try laying the speaker down on its back, putting a dry washcloth to the side of the driver, then use a 1ft long piece of 1x4 or similar against the side of the driver frame, and hit the end of the 1x4 with a hammer to knock the driver free from the paint. Obviously, this assumes the screws have all been removed. Also, sometimes youíll run into one where the driver is really tight in the hole, so knocking it will do no good, as there is no where for the driver to go. Hope this helps...
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    Gentle application of heat gun or hair dryer has worked for me on stuck drivers.
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