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Thread: 4425s w Citation 7.4w/500watt Plates vs. 4435

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    4425s w Citation 7.4w/500watt Plates vs. 4435

    I am very happy with my 4425s with each speaker sitting on citation 7.4s subs that use the LE14h-1, each powered with 500 watt plates... I have the subs come in around 55Hz... But I always lusted after a pair of 4435s now with five hours left on Ebay. Any opinions?
    Anyone know how to tell the Aluminum horn drivers Vs the titanium on the 4435s All thoughts welcome, thank you.

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    Hi Don

    All thoughts welcome, thank you.
    Well ,,, ( at the risk of alienating the 4435 lovers ) I don't think that the 4435 design is going to represent a large enough "step-up" from what you have. Also, I wouldn't want to have to accomodate the large "footprint" of those "sideways" monitors ( included here is the the 4350/5 ) . I do like the 10" based 434x stuff. But even there, I'd construct a 2 box system before buying a 4344 ( for instance ) .

    - I guess my bias shows, in that I prefer the flexibility of owning more modular systems ( such as what you now have ).

    regards <. Earl K

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    Great Input Earl. Thank you. My great room is big 24 x 24 x 13.5'. I read somewhere that the slap of the 4435s was tight and I do like procussive base. Spoke to the seller and speaker number on one unit is 255701 if that helps anyone know if horn drivers are Aluminum of Titanium. I am guessing the T is cleaner, is it?
    Seller said that all four surrounds were refoamed and possible replacement of dust covers. This work was not done by JBL, is that a sound killer? Who knows, but likely?

    Thank you,

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