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Thread: wich passive crossovers to use with 4675 speakers?

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    wich passive crossovers to use with 4675 speakers?

    Hello friends,

    I bought a pair of jbl 4675 speakers and they don't come with xovers. The previous owner used an active xover with 2 amplifiers, which is the best way to control them. But for my part, unfortunately, I only have one speaker cable underneath the walls behind each speaker, so bi-amplification is not possible in my case. That’s why I'm looking for passive xovers.

    The typical passive xover of the 4675 is the 3160. But it's very expensive on the internet, and there's not much in it. So I am looking at the option of having them made by a fellow audiophile who has the knowledge. Or if not, do you know of another type of passive xover that might be suitable for the 4675? Coming from another speaker number? Or maybe a suitable aftermarket crossover model? I'm a bass enthousiastic, so the xovers would have to be good on the low side of the frequencies.

    I plan to install the cover on top of the cabinet, so they should be placed in small black metal boxes so that everything is watchable.

    Thank you !!


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    Which 4675’s do you have? I believe they made an a,b, and c version, and they each used different drivers and crossovers, though the basic design was the same. I think the “a” version had a 16ohm HF driver (2445J) and a pair of 2225J’s in parallel for an 8 ohm LF load. Later versions used 2445H, then 2446H for the HF driver, and 2225H, then maybe 2035H for the woofers. I think the 3160 crossover would only work on the first version. You may have to pull one of your woofers to see what you’ve got.

    Any way, I would pursue running a second speaker wire to the speakers. I suspect the passive crossovers are expensive because most users bi-amped, and if you do buy them, they’re not going to sound as good as the bi-amped version.
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