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Thread: Aftermarket Titanium Diaphragm for JBL 035Ti on Fleabay from China

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    Aftermarket Titanium Diaphragm for JBL 035Ti on Fleabay from China

    Has anyone tried these? I have some bad drivers laying around and was wondering if I could rebuild them with these with good results. Here is an example.
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    Based on my testing of Chinese knock offs of EV DH1 diaphragms you have about a one in four chance of getting parts that match the original - or each other. Now that was ten years ago so perhaps they’ve gotten better.

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    The Chinese junk I keep taking out of 4” drivers and ring radiators says nope.

    What they get really wrong on the large format diaphragms is the clearance between the phase plug and diaphragms. They are over 2mm and the HF performance is abysmal as a result.

    Also there are about as many grades of Ti as there are of aluminum. Who knows what they really are.

    On the flip side, they seem to be pretty good at voice coils. Round and neat anyway. Better aesthetically than JBL for the last decade plus.

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    I tried aftermarkets years ago and the measurements were all over the place. Even if those were good you would still need the dampening pads that go under them. I would look elsewhere.

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