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Thread: Why DD67000 and K2-S9900 just don't matter...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlanD View Post

    Pre-Covid, there were promises of a SUMMIT series product but it may just be the DD67000 with the BMS compression driver.
    Promises? Threat seems more apropos.

    I forgot about that thread. In this thread Mac and Ian pointed to JBL's moves towards the CI (custom install for the uninitiated) market sector as their new residential focus. And that is where the smart money is since it is growing as opposed to the contracting brick and mortar retail sector. Unfortunately, I don't think they are making great headway in that sector either. I am not aware of many firms embracing their product offerings. As a full time CI system designer I almost never specify Harman products as there are almost always other brands that better fit our needs or our customers' needs.


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    Seems the plans have changed a bit, that the new "Summit Series" initially set to release in 2021 for the 75th anniversary are postponed after 2021. Hence the tweaked L100 and new receiver to fil the gap.

    "JBL Studio Monitor will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2020 and the 75th anniversary of JBL's founding in 2021. JBL plans to launch a flagship series named "SUMMIT SERIES" after 2021, and although development has been delayed due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection, development will continue regardless of the anniversary. .."

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    the music in this video is as boring, for not to say annoying, exactly as these advertised lifestyle products are. Not even Lang Lang gets appropriate background. My attention just rose a bit when it came next to the end with the L100 and SA750 presentations.

    Btw, this Michael Mauser is German, isn't he? At least his pronounciation is as humble as mine when I'm trying to speak English (but better than Guenther Oettinger's and Guido Westerwave's anyway ).

    Best regards!

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