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Thread: L220 restoration

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    Steve Gonzales

    L220 restoration

    Hello to all, I hope everyone had a good holiday. Here is a restoration that has been both challenging and rewarding to me and I'd like to share it with you. I also want to give hope to those who have "beat" enclosures with no idea how to bring them back to life. The story begins some months back when my friend in N.Y. called me at 4.00am to tell me there was a pair of cabs on ebay on a "buy it now". I have a fondness for the L220/L222's as many of you may or may not know. the seller (audhifi) took pictures of the very best "pieces" so I thought I was getting some sweet cabs. WRONG!!!!!, as you can see, these were some of the WORST cabs I've seen. I should have turned around and went home after seeing them in person but I'd already invested so much time driving down there, I just loaded them up and went home mad. Well, I am now glad that I got them and quite pleased with the transformation that has taken place. Here are some before and afters:

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    Steve Gonzales


    There is always damage to the lower veneer edges so I put little nylon 3/4" buttons on the bottoms, they "lift" the cabs about 7/16" off the ground and really help prevent this:

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    Steve Gonzales

    and this

    Pretty bad...

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    Steve Gonzales

    lots to do

    there were TONS of nicks and scratches too

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    Steve Gonzales

    "kick plates"

    In this photo, you can see that the front "kick plates" are GONE! They were in such BAD shape that I took them off and cut new pieces out of some L19 cabs. The original grain is vertical and the new stuff is horizontal but it looks great

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    Steve Gonzales

    If loving them is wrong, I don't want to be right!

    I finished the cabs before I put on the new kick plates. I'll tell ya, it is a MAJOR pain getting inside the cab enough to screw them on and I also applied a liberal amount of wood glue (and cuss words!)

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    Steve Gonzales


    It is so nice to see the finished product after you black out the baffles and the back sides too

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    Steve Gonzales

    one more

    I want to say that these look ALOT BETTER in natural lighting, The camera is NOT kind to ANYTHING!

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    Steve Gonzales

    Kick plates

    Here is a little better shot of the new KP's, I had applied 1 coat of WATCO at the time, they are a bit darker now and if you didn't know the orientation of the OG's grain, you couldn't tell. I hope you've enjoyed this story and I also hope it inspires those that have almost given up on their "beaters". I also had the great experience of putting new diaphragms in the 076's, what a FUN hobbie (PASSION) this is! I will help anyone who desires to know anything that I've done. Take Care Friends, Steve G

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    Fantastic !

    Great Work Steve !

    Very Inspirational to a "wanna-be" wood-worker ( such as myself ) .

    regards <. Earl K

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    Steve Gonzales

    Mr K

    Thank you Sir, I want to say that even with 20yrs under my belt in fine finish, my first pair of the three, my L222's, I thought that they were hopeless and got bids of $500.00 + materials to re-veneer them and one guy said $475.00 to refinish them! I thought, "what have I got to lose?", so, I just took my time and fortunately knew the right materials to use and got a great result. I think if you REALLY care about something and take your time and ask plenty of questions, you can get er' done and have the real sense of personal accomplishment to boot!.

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    wow....Great Work............beautiful job

    But ,how repairs you damage to the lower veneer edges on the bottoms?and i would like see the bottom L-220 on the pics please....

    good job Steve....

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    Ticket's in the mail.......

    Hey've convinced me that you should be living up here; like, as my next door neighbor. I know you'd force me to spend all my money for system upgrades but, with your knowledge and know-how, I'd at least gain a respected teacher and mentor ("wax on, wax off").

    I am humbled by your expertise.

    Would really also appreciate a couple of words in my misplaced C-56 thread in the General Forum. I should have started a new thread in the proper place.

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    Top !!

    Wow, great work you have done, Steve. Take a beer and drink on Carl`s Birthday


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    Steve - is this set of 220's one of those pictured in your avatar, or is this an additional pair? Do you already have the drivers for it? 'Just curious...

    Great work! Did you apply a veneer or similar over the old stuff? It looks lots thicker.


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