There is another active thread on using a JBL L300 with an electronic crossover but I want to confirm a couple of things that are unclear to me.
I've finally scrounged the parts to build my non-original 4333 with some utility cabs I purchased a while ago.

I will be using:
2311/2441/2445 diaphragms
Marchand 3 way XM9 crossover 24db/octave
DC blocking cap / 20 ohm shunt resistor across 2405 and 2441
No L-Pads (will control volume in each speaker from either crossover or amplifiers

Just want to verify before hooking up
1. All the above drivers have black as their + terminal
2. The 2441 signal should be inverted compared to the 2405 and 2235 (as shown in the Nelson Pass schematic).

I appreciate any help.
Best Regards,