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Thread: Unable to post pictures

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    Unable to post pictures

    I found a way...

    Sorry about this.


    I'm writing a new thread and I tried for like 20 minutes to upload a picture... impossible.
    I followed the help thread in this forum, tried to have my picture less than 1024 wide (actually 800) and it weighs slightly above 100k so it's under the limit of 195k.
    Nope, not working. When I go to manage attachements I have a lot of them but a question mark is instead of a thumbnail and I can't upload.

    So I decided to put the pictures on my flickr account and share the link but it says "invalid URL"

    What am I doing wrong?


    No picture.
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    coincidentally I noted something strange in your Confinement blues thread. I can't see your pics, but others answered like they might have seen them. Weird.

    Best regards!

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