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Thread: 4350 Amps

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    4350 Amps

    Hello, For my 4350's I currently have Brystons 28bb2's on the bottom and Prima Luna dialogue seven's monos for the rest. Was thinking of changing the tubes for SS. Pros and cons for changing? Brand and size options. I have no problem's but was seeing what was done already. Also have 2397's on top with 2440's &,2405's on separate Prima Luna amp. If this has been discussed already would like the link. Thanks

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    I think you're already past the "this is objectively better" level, and well into the "I like this better than that" level. I will wait for Widget to chime in, as he has more expertise than I on higher end amps (I am bi-amping my Array1400's off 4 channels of a Bryston 9Bsst, and have Prima Luna in another room. From what others have said, you might consider either of Nelson Pass' brands, Pass Labs, or First Watt, for low power, class A SS amps that work really well on the top end.
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    Hi Ken, I do not know what your budget is and size amp you are looking for. A company called Coda makes some nice stuff and has great amps. From some of the engineers and designers from the Threshold days. Check out the S-5.5 and the bigger 15.5. Also have a 10 yr warranty

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    When I had my 4355 clones I used a pair of Hafler 9505s, one for the twin 2235Hs and one for the top...I was using my clone of a Westlake version of the 2397 and used the 2202A so my top end was very similar to yours. I felt these amps seemed like a good match.

    I’m sure there are plenty of other good choices out there too.


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