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Thread: Cork or similar gaskets for 12" drivers?

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    Cork or similar gaskets for 12" drivers?

    Long ago JBL furnished cork gaskets for front mounting woofers in cabinets. Does anyone have a source for such gaskets today? Cork isn't essential of course, any soft material will do. The only thing I find in searches are the standard paper front frame gaskets.

    Thanks for any suggestions

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    Cork gaskets speakers

    Cork gaskets speakers

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    Hi Riley,

    Cork isn't as compressible material as foam or rubber for example. The cork ones like those that came with JBL kit MA-15 were cork and never really impressed me. I've pushed again on one of those with a finger as i write this and the compression is pretty minimal.

    To make a really good seal around a driver i prefer using foam or rubber gaskets. You could probably even make better ones than cork using proper weatherseal "tape" which comes in various dimensions, as long as its not too thick. Plus they may well end up being cheaper than a set of cork gaskets.

    BTW i think i still have the original 12" 2214H thin cardboard gaskets which i never used since they have no compression at all... If you want these, which i don't recommend, i'll give them to you. Regards,


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