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Thread: 2225H woofers, what enclosure recomendations? What are these good at?

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    2225H woofers, what enclosure recomendations? What are these good at?

    I just yesterday obtained a nice pair of 2225H 15 inch JBL woofers in a labor trade. I never worked with these before. What type of cabinet design would bring the best out of these? They seem to have rather stiff suspentions, will that restrict their deep bass output? What systems were these used in? I may sell them if the cabinets are exotic and/or hard to build/expensive. What is the fair market value of these perfect condition 2225H pair?Thanks for any info. Rolf Erickson
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    well i know when i use them it's normally in a live sound situation as a mid speaker although i perfer the 2226, my normal setup is a double 18 (2258's). i dont really know what the value is on those. i normally sell a good used one for about $150 to $200. you can use them as a sub too but they dont play extremely low unless the box is huge but they will play down to 40hz easy.

    here is a link to an enclosure guide

    there are a lot of different applications for those.

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    A pair of JBL 2225H's anyone?

    Thanks, pelly3s. For the info. I would rather have deep bass, so I might try to sell them. Look for a classified comming soon. RE

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    if you wanna go deep then of course the way to go is 2245's or sub1500's

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    to get the money that they are worth sell them to a pro audio guy or rip the kits out and make them 2235's

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    If they sound similar to their successors, the 2226...
    They may not play as low as a hifi woofer, but they will give you this special "killer punch". If you like to listen to funk, house and techno,
    they can tear you appart at insane levels.
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    Tech note says they're good in bass horns, also.

    I dunno. Talk to Paragon.

    See also Heh.

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