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Thread: 2426j Vs 2427j ?

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    2426j Vs 2427j ?

    Are the core drivers the same ? I know 2427J comes with an adapter snout to mate to a 2" rhroat.
    Can't seem to find definitive info from JBL sheets.


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    Yes it's a 2425S or a 2426 with the screw on horn mounting plate removed and the 2" throat on instead

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    FWIW ( likely some really tedious info ),

    According to the spec sheets;

    The 2425x model used a ring of pure silver ( surrounding the pole piece ) to offset voice-coil inductance ( it shared this design feature with previous alnico models ( see the 2420 cut-sheet ).

    The redesigns of the 1" exit drivers ( 2426/7 ) changed this inductance controllig ring to one that was copper-clad.

    ( One can measure the difference around 12K-15K , if one really works at it ).

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