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Thread: A feeling I had this AM

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    A feeling I had this AM

    I woke up with a general feeling of unrest, a general malaise. And it hit me as the sun came over the’s time the new Rotel monster meets a stored beast, my customized L100T. Gone are the little 6.5” based tower that claims 18hz. The sub is set to “none”, and “In Absentia” from Porcupine Tree starts turning...

    And all of the kitties are exiting the room at high velocities.

    I want to publicly thank the makers of my feast:

    Duane Brosky (duaneage)

    created the custom crossovers that open the midrange to a limitless soundstage, the treble has incredible smoothness, and the low end is tight, so deep. I own six other pairs of JBL that use similar hardware. None compare to these two. They are a treasure with the upgrades.

    Utah Reconing - Matt Shelton 801-419-3099

    Matt has 40+ years working with JBL, and dozens of other manufacturers. The big woofers new surrounds have been installed to absolute perfection. They look brand new. Matt’s done twenty other woofers for me. He’s an artist. The woofers on my L200T3 are so beautiful. He researched them to insure they have the correct parts to restore.


    Back in 1987, my little nose was always pressed against the window of the Hi-Fi shop in Ogden UT. The had the finest models of the T family and the TI. I could only afford the L20T. I have owned dozens of outstanding speakers from other vendors.....some costing way above the price of a L100T. As I rotate my stock from the closet to listening room, I always seem to leave the JBL up for a daily listener. I love the unique voicing and sheer power.

    what a beautiful day.....

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    "Back in 1987, my little nose was always pressed against the window of the Hi-Fi shop in Ogden UT"

    HA! Me too. That was the year I started buying JBL, there. I miss that store.


    If we knew what the hell we were doing, we wouldn't call it research would we.

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