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Thread: Make JBL LSR705i flatter (by disassembling them)

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    Make JBL LSR705i flatter (by disassembling them)

    Hi all.

    Have anyone in here disassembled a pair of JBL LSR705i?

    I am using 8 of them in my theater (4 surrounds and 4 in the ceiling) but I am searching for a speaker with less physical depth for my next room. I love how the LSR's sound and they match perfectly for my LCRs.

    Now that I have the LSR's and like how they sound, I was thinking that I could disassemble them and make them taller/wide but less deep. It looks like the front can be de-attached. Anyone tried this? I know it will change the crossover settings but this should primarily be in the bass and I have a BSS Soundweb connected which could fix this.

    (I do not have the budget for JBL SCL-series which would be perfect).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonas_h View Post
    Looks like your basic Open Baffle design ...
    doesn't look difficult to try it for yourself.
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    Jonas, pls check email.
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