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Thread: new PASS amp kit,reasonable price.

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    new PASS amp kit,reasonable price.

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    And new crossover

    Maybe Ian here knows something about this.
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    The Amp Camp kits have been around for a while. About 8 watts.

    The active crossover.

    This is a diy electronics kit requiring full assembly, setup and testing. It uses low cost Fairchild J113 jfets and some careful biasing to get the performance up acceptable level. Itís stereo Biamp and needs to be purpose build for a particular loudspeaker system.

    The parts can be selected for a specific crossover frequencies using an on line calculator. There is an adjustable pot version that requires measurements and test equipment. You set this kit up for one loudspeaker and thatís it. Itís not a beginner kit.

    Itís unbalanced bi amp stereo pcb and can be purchased with a chassis.

    If you like to tinker and have a lot of time on your hands head over to the new crossover thread. Itís not supported at an individual level which means the odds of getting it working properly are 50/50. Lots of hand holding required. I am not directly involved.

    I posted in another thread about a commercial product l am developing a few months ago. That is a modular plug in crossover board design. High quality parts incl Linear Systems Jfets and fully supported at an individual level. Itís like a DX1 on steroids.

    Unfortunately with the Covid lockdown there are a lot of restrictions on that reaching the market. Probably March 2021

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