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Thread: JBL Project Array 800 speaker stands

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    In professional installations every attempt is made to address acoustic issues before the room is finished. Sadly in domestic situations the reverse is generally true. As far as turntables are concerned if you have a suspended floor then a wall shelve may provide better accouctic isolation. Enclosing the turntable inside some other acoustically treated structure will also help. The undulations in a vinyl groove can be smaller than a wavelength of light and the cartridge can act as a microphone so the louder the speakers the greater the feedback and the more coloured the reproduction becomes. If you doubt this try moving your turntable to separate room, you might be surprised how the sound quality changes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epplerd View Post
    .... As far as I can tell all these concepts have come from products aimed at the hi-Fi freternity. In my professional career I have never encountered a studio setup in the broadcast or sound recording industry where the monitors have been anything but soffit mounted, (securely fixed into a cavity in the control room wall) or stood on (and sometimes screwed to) a rigid stand. Is this all just fashion led and a case of 'The Emperors news clothes '?
    Alas, it is likely there's less high quality recordings coming out of studios with large format monitors every year. And worse, probably more over manipulated, compressed Pop music from large record labels. I'd be curious to know what percentage of music we're hearing now (non Pop music) is being made on desktop consoles with mini-monitors.

    Anyway, this same decoupling company appears to be going into that part of the pro marketplace. Here's a link to a video demonstration of their stands for mini-monitors. Another easily heard difference (assuming they're honest) even via the YouTube.

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