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Thread: Crown Macro tech 3600vz

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    Crown Macro tech 3600vz

    Im having some trouble finding a fault in channel one of a 3600vz. The high side npn driver bias is very low. 25mV. across R02. The output is clipped off on the upper swing with 1k in and 8 ohm loading. if the loading is removed then the output is a clean sine wave. Can someone point me in the right direction? I cant find a schematic just a service manual. Any help is appreciated.

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    I thought you could get the service and schematic info from the discontinued section on the Crown website.

    I still use 3600's in my system, only ever had one needing repair and made the day of it and drove it to Crown for same day repair when they were still based in Elkhart.

    I do a fair amount of repair work my self but something like a MA3600 that has a lot going on under the hood I'll pass on.

    If you wanted to send it in for repair the industrial division of Crown, AE Techron is still based in Elkhart Indiana and repairing amps.

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