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Thread: STOP PRESS ..... Bombshell

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    Hi Rob,

    Great question.

    We can provide more than one pre set curve or full adjustment for the user.

    There is latitude for multiple EQ points.

    Some users will bi amp in the conventional sense and use the existing JBL Horn passive EQ or that pertaining to any loudspeaker system.

    The thinking cap customer as Nelson Pass refers to may wish to make the system fully active and we can provide EQ modules for that.

    We are still working though some of these things and appreciate your questions.


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    +1 for applying this to the M2.

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    An update.

    In view of the current circumstances this is going to take a bit longer than expected to get to market so bare with us.

    Some progress. l just signed off on the industrial design by one of the leading designers in the industry Desmond Harrington.

    l will be looking to arrange some prototype evaluations in the field. When l to get to that point l will ask for a show of hands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Mackenzie View Post
    Here is the video interview and its quite interesting.

    Nelson Pass is a fascinating guy and really clever.

    If you view the video and are wondering who the acquaintance in Australia Nelson Pass refers to that's me.

    The advanced pre launch PR is nice to have.

    I will be rolling out more about the product soon with more videos.

    I watched the whole thing and saw the quick show of that mainboard!

    I especially liked it when Nelson Pass proclaimed to have an extensive Frank Zappa collection!

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