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Thread: JBL2110 (D208) JBL2202 (075) Crossover?

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    JBL2110 (D208) JBL2202 (075) Crossover?


    While locked here in the house I have been sorting and cleaning.

    I came across a pair of new in the box JBL2110’s and a pair of JBL 2202 Bullet tweeters.

    These drivers look like they want to be a pair of bookshelf speakers on my work bench.

    Please thoughts about the crossover?

    I am thinking about air core inductors, resistors and capacitors hot glued to a piece of plywood.


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    Maybe start out with a simple 6dB/oct 3-4KHz crossover (or let the 2110H run wild and just use a cap in series with the 2402)

    Perhaps insert an l-pad to trim the level.. and you'll likely want to use a ported box to lift the low end a bit.
    Could try a 1ft3 box (also useful for testing) with a 2" dia hole (assumes a 3/4" baffle)

    one of many such very simple calculators

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