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Thread: Jbl 4350 awx bass issue / related to speaker stand. Need some advise ! : )

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    Jbl 4350 awx bass issue / related to speaker stand. Need some advise ! : )

    Hey'all !!

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful week (trying to be optimistic here) Since nowadays we have more time to listen to the system , I started being very critical of my JBL 4350's bass performance, when playing Piano Sonata , most jazz its really good, but when I am listening to bass heavy tracks , the bass just doesn't " sink " its almost like the excursion of the dual 15" woofer are limited, tried all different test, and it is going down easily 32 hz flat, and the system is DIRAC with DATASAT driven by a BOULDER 2060 ,,, so it really " technically " should sound like a torpedo has exploded in your room, however
    the bass is there somehow but disappears too fast in a lot track , and doesn't" sink " and flood the floor if you know what I am trying to explain.

    Now all technical tuning side aside, I have been thinking if it could be the isolation of the Speaker itself. ?!!
    I do have another sub working behind the 4350 , and those are working great so it made the woofer on the 4350 sound really not working.. lol

    I am currently using 2 TACO speaker stand to bring the 4350 up to ear height with the tweeter and then between the speaker I am using the HRS nimbus system , and just TACO metal stand directly touching the wood floor ( raised foundation) , but I am wondering if there are better options for the 4350 that our fellow JBL experts has tried in the past that will help with the bass performance.

    Any advice is highly appreciated , thank you again all for your time !

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    I am not sure what you mean by “sinking” bass. Can you try to describe it in another way? Also, you mention that you are also using a subwoofer. Can you describe the integration of that woofer? It would be helpful to know the slope or slopes used and the crossover frequency or frequencies that you are using.

    BTW: Welcome to the Lansing Forum!


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    Do your room has room treatment?

    If you use auto sound calibration like Dirac Without solving room mode in your room,

    the bass may be weakened As a side effect of suppressing the peak of the bass band caused by the room mode.

    This is something you usually experience when doing room correction in a home theater receiver.

    If you want a tight bass while going down deep, use dirac after physical preparation with something like a bass trap.

    And after autocorrelation, it is good to do manual operation little by little as you like.

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    Maybe check in with member "jbldd6600" and trade notes.
    Seems to be in a similar quandary.

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    You have a lot going on here.
    I would try a process of elimination.

    Turn off the subs and run the 4350 only to re assess.
    Turn of the Dirac and reassess.

    If the situation improves subjectively with the above changes then you know it’s not the 4350.

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    Dirac actually doesn’t have great bass management unless you have the upcoming bass management setup. This was ironically something that Audyssey XT32 did a better job with.

    The target curve also makes a difference. Using a Harman curve will help add some of
    the bass back into the mix.

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    I agree with AlanD about using a Harman target... While I have reviewed Dirac 2.0 in detail, I still think, for computer audio, Audiolense is way ahead of the pack when it comes to bass management and correction. I don't have the same speakers, but I do have JBL 4722's with double 15" per cab and crossing over to dual 18" subs below 46 Hz (digital XO between room modes). You can see some pics and measurements here:
    The bass kicks ass and with the subs sinks down to 6 Hz in my room. One can feel the kick and waves in the room. You should be getting similar with those wonderful 4350's... Got any REW measurements you can share?

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