Hello All,
I am almost at the end of perfecting a L300 and 4333 build. I have invested over 200 hours into research, measuring, making jigs, templates and all the parts/tools to assist in making EXACT copies of these classic JBL monitors. I have enough raw material to make an additional 6 pairs. No short cuts here all the PIA angles, 1 " radius rounded edges, smoked glass top, walnut trim, duplicated grill frames with your choice of grill cloth color, and all the other little details that make the L300 a L300. I can just provide the finished empty cabinets if you want to do a restoration using your original drivers or a TOTALLY finished product that is just plug and play. I will not cut corners in the builds and all dimensions will be exact! I am not new to working with JBL products and have been building speakers using their components since the late 70's. A few years back i made a beautiful set of 4355's and they put a smile on my face every day I listen to them. As a serious cabinet maker/serious music listener that pays attention to every detail I feel the end result product will be 99.99% as they were sold new. This does not mean that all raw materials will be the same as they were made at the factory. I will improve upon some processes where I can as these will be hand made with the utmost care. I do however will only use the appropriate drivers that were supplied with each model. I am having much difficulty finding 2405's/077's for the builds so I have been looking into other options, but none to me are close enough to a classic 2405. I am making 2 different crossovers- one will be the Nelson Pass improved design and the other the well know CC type. I love working with wood so you probably guessed I am not a big fan of MDF so I use 1" and 3/4 Baltic birch. I always make sure that all steps are done as per JBL spec. I was in the pro audio biz for many years and now want to somewhat retire to my shop making speakers that is fulfilling to me and at the same time challenging. Its so cool to make a new(clone) model But what REALLY makes me happy in the end is enabling fellow hifi enthusiasts to be able to enjoy and relive the that classic JBL sound!
Let me know what you think and let me know if there is any interest....


mike kehr