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Thread: 250ti left and right speaker sound very different

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    Swap the tweeters over without changing anything else. If the fault moves then it is a tweeter problem. If the fault stays put them the fault is in that speaker.
    That should narrow things down.

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    No expert here but a spinning screw is a likely suspect. You dont need to take the crossover out to check that...just pinch the 6 white pegs holding the top circuit board on and raise it up...see arrows in the pics below. It's really not that hard to pull the whole thing though..8 screws from the back and out she comes.
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    Name:  IMG_20190126_145044531.jpg
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    Not my pic..a member here I believe..dont remember sorry...
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    Another thing to look for is bad solder joints especially the ones with wires connecting to a heavy post or tab because its harder to heat the mass of them. When I did my 250Ti's the red wire didnt look right and when I touched it it fell off the post.
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    Then when I recapped my 18Ti's I found a bypass cap that was wired wrong to begin watch for that also.
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    I will swap the tweeters and also check the connections on the crossover tomorrow. I will keep you updated.

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    CC'd this animal about 10 years ago, Resistors are all upside-down. This ought to help.
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