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Thread: L220 front panel color

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    L220 front panel color

    I am restoring a pair of L220, the ex owner applied transparent varnish on the cabinet and glossy black one on the front and rear panels, I deeply hate it and tried and remove the glossy transparent off the cabinet sides and succeed with one side before the heat gun broke (is it a sign from the ex owner?) but the front is harder to remove and really really ugly, will need to remove the speakers, open the cabinet to access the tweeter and mid chamber... before I make an attempt at the removal just curious to know if the original paint is matte black, is it?

    Also, the grills fabric is a purple which I also don't go really crazy for, which other options where there for these speakers?

    By the way, I recall having seen the L220 with a monitor blue face, very very tempting...



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    Yes matte black. I have pic of my can if you want to see exact item, email me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by script56 View Post
    Yes matte black. I have pic of my can if you want to see exact item, email me.

    That's very nice of you to offer, I will just sandpaper it enough as for a new coat of matte black to even it, it bores me to have to remove the speakers (might leave the PR there as by masking the edge I might make it) to do that which means no music for a while (could use the 4311 in the meantime but once you go L220 you won't go back...).

    The idea to make them Monitor Blue was crazy, would mean to remove the whole black and then apply at least a couple coats if not more, better leave it all as it was, black on black won't be big deal.

    Grazie anyways


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    This is what worked for many restorations I've done.
    I use matte black flat ,if you want to buff it to mirror finish.
    Flat black primer also works in a pinch.
    Try a sample piece.4 to 5 coats give a good base if you buff.try car wax like turtle wax.let us know how it worked for you.this will also work with any matte flat colors.

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    JBL L220 & L222 Grilles

    I recently started offering the L220 and L222 grilles - 15 fabric color choices.
    $219 per pair - less 10% for Lansing Heritage members.

    Thank you and go JBL.
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    Steve Barnes

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