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Thread: newer JBL pro install speakers for home use?

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    newer JBL pro install speakers for home use?

    I constantly look at what is coming out from JBL. I can't afford to buy it all but it's good to know what's out there. I know this forum is all about the heritage stuff. I just think many dismiss JBL's current offerings. I see some reasons why. They have several attempts at lowering the costs that fall short for big fans of the old quality. I bought a used pair of entry level floor monitors and the horns seem more like super tweeters. My ears tell me they're crossed over much higher than the specs say. Maybe it's just where they're designed to excell? or to protect the driver better?
    I see a recent post here on the forum questioning the older 2440/1? drivers for distortion. I don't wish to clog up his post with my mere opinions.
    I again started making a new design of my own using the newer stuff as it's so light weight. I would buy it already made. I just can't afford it. I buy what I can. I got several different models to compare and decide where to go from here. My latest design uses JBL 2262H for the mids and 2430 drivers for highs. I built several separate cabinets already using these and 2258H 18" for the lows.
    I got very lucky and got a JBL AM7212 series install speaker that has a broken crossover. I quickly removed it and run it active crossover from the Crown DSP as the rest of my stuff.
    I just wished to point out here that the higher end stuff with better horn drivers sounds very good to me. This speaker has the 2432H driver on a newer design waveguide. It sounds very crisp so far and every bit as good as my old 2" JBL drivers. I think it would be a good choice for larger rooms and buyers who don't wish to build everything. I set the Crown's DSP to 1200HZ for now and the highest db crossover drop curve.
    I never could believe that many use the 2440s or 2441s in their house but I think these 2432s deserve attention. There's newer models out there (D2s) that I haven't acquired yet.
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    Oh yes, for anyone interested, the JBL install line is numbered with the dispersion of the cabinet. So I got a 7212/64. It has the waveguide with a 60x40 dispersion. There are other models that have different waveguides. There's choices of 40 degree and 100 degree model width patterns that all models have rotatable horns to help choose the pattern needed with placement and orientation.
    There are different lines that use different quality drivers. The higher the number line seems to point to better drivers. There's 2200 series up to 7200 series. It looks like the 2200s are discontinued now?
    They had the lower quality drivers so I'm not going to miss them!

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