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Thread: Woofer Baffleboard Gaskets

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    Woofer Baffleboard Gaskets

    I restored some L200s and when I put the woofers in (130As) they do not sit flush on the baffle as the holes are too small. Obviously there must be a gasket that goes under the woofers. Anyone know where I can get these?

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    John Y.
    The 130A, as all of the woofers prior to the LE series, were designed for mounting on the rear of the baffle. They won't fit in your application because of the shape of the frame webs.

    You could make up a ring-like spacer, maybe 1/2 inch, or so, with enlarged woofer cut out to place the woofer on the existing cabinet. Or, you could trim the existing cabinet at each web of the frame to make it fit.

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