Recently I have become concerned about mounting a woofer (in my case a 15 inch 2216nd) to the baffle. The concern is obvious: transfer of motion of the woofer frame to the baffle of the cabinet.

I am using specs and diagrams for the M2 and the S4700 as my "best practices" guide. What I am seeing so far is the the woofer is simply attached via eight 10-32 bolts going into T-nuts on the baffle. I assume there is a slightly compliant speaker gasket in between the back of the woofer frame and the front of the baffle.

Is that it? Are there any "hidden" dampening or de-coupling tricks in there (eg, rubber washers or shoulder washers etc between the bolt head and the frame, well nuts or whatever)?

Is the gasket behind the frame relatively "squishy" or relatively hard. I appreciate that the gasket is there both to dampen and to prevent air leaks.

Were more exotic techniques used in the K2 and E2 models. Or, perhaps, with adequate internal bracing, the issue of coupled vibration (woofer to cabinet) is already minimized?

Your collective thoughts are appreciated.