Hello again,

finally I got my hands on some Radian 1225-16 so I grabbed the 2426 and changed the dias,
mounted them to the 2344 and made some measurement.
Enough nice being said about the Radian dias, so I found a nasty peak just below 4k.
My question here is could that be related to the back chamber?
Comparing to the Fostex FD600 the damping is placed different.
Right on the back cover the JBL and on the dia mount by the Fostex.
Any suggestions? Can that peak be solved by damping?
Would like to know before heading for a R-C link. Get the basic right at first.
Also looked for xovers but that seems a stoney field to dig.
The l-pads of the 4430 were just a bit to much to look at, is there a simple solution known?

thanks in credit Roger