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Thread: JBL LX4-1 crossover?

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    JBL LX4-1 crossover?

    I have an offer to get the crossovers but I can't find any info on them. I saved an old chart but it jumps to lx5 crossovers. Does anyone here know info on these like frequency, power handling, etc.

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    Jbl lx4-1

    43XX (2235-2123-2450-2405-CC 3155)5235-4412-4406-4401-L250-18Ti-L40-S109 Aquarius lV-C38 (030) 305P MkII

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    The first time I did a search right here on the forum, I did not see that info. Last night I did another search, after a lead on the model it was used inside. I got that on another forum. I was directed right back here to this forum.
    Looks like they're not for me. I need higher power for pro stage monitor use. I used the 3110s in the past. I think the 3120A would be perfect. However it just seems that I should go electric (active). I did in the past and other engineer's complained it was too complicated to run. I probably need to do a better job setting and locking the system to prevent changes that make it perform less than desired.
    I think the old Ashley crossover I used, may have just had the knobs turned accidently? or even turned in error trying to adjust for better performance?
    Using the newer DSPs should prevent that accidently. I may lock the face's knobs, to prevent people dabbling where they don't belong.

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    I really wouldn’t mess around with any of the vintage JBL crossovers, they are not particularly wonderful and usually sell for a premium. Of course, if you are restoring a vintage system, that’s a different story.

    These Ashly DSP crossovers are quite nice and very reasonable for a premium quality USA built crossover. I use one on my Sub1500s in my Project Widget system. It works flawlessly, and yes, you can lock everyone out. It has a simple windows interface, or you can fuss with the knobs and buttons.


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