Just received another one of these I won in an Ebay auction. Adcom must have sold millions of them because there always seems to be one for sale when I need one. I like the pristine ones with the owner's manual that I can buy for around $50, shipped. I've said before I have no illusion that they actually enhance my power but I do like the sequencing feature and figure maybe they'll offer some protection against power surges. The hardest thing to find for these is the rack-mount brackets. Generally go for double what the ACE-515 sells for, if you can find them. I think I stashed another pair away a while back. I remember buying an Adcom speaker switch-box just to get the rack ears!

Installed this one in the TV room system so my family can turn the system on and off at the touch of one button when they want more than just tiny TV-speaker sound. In this case, one push of the Crown PSL-2 power button activates a Soundcraftsmen Pro-Power Four without any turn-on thump, and also supplies power to an Emotiva XDA-2 Gen2 DAC for the Toslink from the TV and remote volume control. Simple and effective. Wonder if I might be better off leaving the Crown switch in the "on" position and just using the Adcom switch to start everything. Have to figure which is the most fragile or harder to replace. Speakers are L5s, for the time being.

This one is a bit newer than my other one in that it has a round power switch and a sticker saying "Made in China". Owner's manual has been updated to reflect the new power switch but says nothing about it being made in China. Power cord seems to be a bit heavier than the one made in USA. This just follows the trend set decades ago by Soundcraftsmen and then Ashly to build their legacy products offshore. I like being able to say nearly every older component in my systems was made in USA. Very difficult to do today. Even bought a Maytag washer and dryer "assembled in USA", just because. Can't say I'm not impressed with my two pairs of LSR305s made in China, so I'm not really fighting the concept. Wouldn't do me any good, anyway!