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Thread: Sad to say but this group forum is dead

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    Hopefully we can get another 20 years here.

    Well let’s hope there is still enough interest and enough “legacy systems” left in use. I mean 20 years from now are the 530’s and 590’s going to be “legacy systems”?

    One of the main reasons I was drawn into the older systems was the then unwavering support provided by JBL in the form of re-cones and customer support. When this forum first started you could get fresh re-cones on most drivers. I was able to get complete driver set’s refreshed so I was starting with essentially new drivers on DIY builds

    You used to be able to call in for technical help and get people with 30+ years of experience on the phone.

    When I was building my 811C clone I needed to know information about the multi-tapped Inductor used in the delay line on the woofer. After a quick call I was faxed the actual drawing of the inductor and was able to get one wound as they were NLA at the time.

    Unfortunately that can’t happen today. This combined with the lack of factory re-cone kits makes any of these systems still in good condition a precious commodity.

    Take good care of your systems and keep posting. That will go a long way to help make sure we are still here in 2041

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    I wonder if Great Plains Audio would be interested in filling the void?

    Or perhaps Don and Steve might consider a commercial aspect of LHS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlanD View Post
    Xennial here.

    I grew up with L112’s as a toddler. Through high school, I had JBL Sub Sat systems. By the time I got to college, I went from computer speakers (Klipsch Promedia) to finally getting the HLS-610. But like many in my generation, as we moved around to various apartments, the opportunity for floor standing speakers was limited. I went to Polk LSi’s for added bass and then finally ended up with Magnepan’s and Devialet Phantoms.
    About those "Devialet Phantoms"... are they really that incredible? The reviews are flattering but reviews are reviews, I would be curious to hear the opinion of somebody who actually heard good conventional speakers. Not only the latest boom box.
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    This forum is great.

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