Mass access to the internet,

Is right at 20 years old.

It is not a new and different thing anymore.

I suspect that the world changing,

has more to do with what is going on.

I've noticed Twitter, has changed as well.

Due to demographics,


It look like Spongebob

will retain ownership of Twitter,

For quite some time.

In spite of the current president's enthusiastic

Use of Twitter.

Should one be able to catch the meaning .


The OP is quite right,

In pointing out this situation,

The point being that things are changing .

We could change with it.

But no one has to.


Since the internet became readily available,

At librarys,

I've greatly expanded my music listening taste.


I just ask teenagers what they are listening to.

When they get over the shock,

Of someone their grandparents age,

Asking for music recommendations,

(The looks on their faces, are priceless)

Often they will point to something interesting .


Soundcloud can play in the background,

And has much content.

New and old.