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Thread: XPL stand mounting screws

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    XPL stand mounting screws

    does anyone know the screw size/type that mount xpl 90 and xpl 200 to their factory stands? looks like metal threads are in the speaker so i need to match the threads.

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    Tech sheet shows: No. 8 x 1-1/4" FLHD PH
    That should be a #8 bolt with Phillips head 1-1/4 in length. I'd buy a #8 from your local hardware store and try, gently, to see if it fits your insert.
    JBL part number is: 67375

    (Google search seems to indicate a wood screw, not a threaded bolt—which doesn't mean that's what it is.
    Is it possible you're looking at the inserts for the leveling legs? )
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