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Thread: JBL 2241H ok for home sub use

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    JBL 2241H ok for home sub use

    Now I know the 2245 are the sweetspot... but yesterday I was doing my rounds and came across three 2241H in original boxes at a pawn shop. They had $199 on each one and everything is half price so they are now $100 each. Are these worth a go at this price or should I just wait for 2245? What I mean is.. has anyone been successful making a home sub that sounds good with these 2241H? I see they have an fs of 35hz and seem to be box tunable to 30hz. Outside of that, I do not know how well they would work. I'm looking for something that can keep up with the 4333A, Valencias, Belles and play louder in the frequencies lower than 50hz than your average pa driver fair.
    4333As, Valencias

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    If you have a big enough amp they will do what ever you tell them to do.

    They are employed in theater boxes tuned to 25Hz. With a little eq boost and enough amp they sound very good.

    $100 ea especially if actually new is a steal.

    If we knew what the hell we were doing, we wouldn't call it research would we.

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