Hello All

I need you help and experience.

I have been searching the forum (and Google) for a 4344 crossover and i can find a lot of option.

But my problem is, that there is almost nothing information about the sound of the crossover or if or people have been happy for them!
so when i find a diagram of a crossover that look good i have no idea if it sound good or not

So please help me to find a good crossover for my 4344 clon.

The driver i will use is.

Ultra high JBL 075
high JBL 2425 J
Midrange JBL 2123H
Bass JBL 2235H

I have been advised to use the schematic for the midrange from the 4344 MKII because my JBL 2123H is of the new type.
but the original crossover ineeds a 9v battery to be connected, and i am not sure on have it works.

So i will be very happy if you will give me some advice on this issue