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Thread: Jbl hl180f?

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    Jbl hl180f?

    Anyone ever hear of a HL180F? I pick up the one recently listed on e-Bay only because it peaked my interest. It's identical to the 175 but has a phenolic diaphragm. Could it be like the 2482 which is suited for exterior use? The bolt bolt pattern of the diaphragm is identical to the 175, unlike the bolt pattern of the 2482 which is larger than the 2440. Google wasn't much help nor could I find anything here.



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    Hi Eric, if I recall the driver you are speaking of is a home version of JBL's pro version 2460/61
    Claimed response of 500Hz to 8 to 10Khz. These would most likely be used in systems with the lower 500Hz crossover as the Aluminium diaphram would be derated to only 10 watts due to fractures on the surrounds of the diaphrams. The mounting bolt pattern is the same for all 2440, 2441, 2482, 2485, 2445,2446. The 2482 is not a bad driver but has a very limited response 300hz - 6Khz. I use mine with 2360 horns with 24db @ 375hz to 4.6Khz next I use the 2407J to fill in the top end

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