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Thread: Jbl 2234h

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    Niklas Nord

    Jbl 2234h

    What do you guys recommend!

    I want to run the 2234H from 50hz to 280hz,
    perhaps in an sealed enclousure, or in an bassreflex

    fast hifi performance

    the smaller box the better, but not if it has an impact
    on sound . . . .

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    Tom Loizeaux
    It has been stated on this Forum in previous discussions that
    " the JBL 2234 likes 3.15 cubic feet tuned to 37Hz for an F3 ~50Hz."
    If you use a smaller enclosure or a sealed cabinet you will not get optimum performance from the 2234 driver.
    I run 2234s in my 4320 and 4333 studio monitors because I cross them at 800Hz and was concerned that the lower mids would suffer if I included the mass rings of the 2231s originally supplied with these monitors. I really like the sound of the 2234s and, eventhough they are working in cabinets that were designed for 2231s w/ mass rings, I find the low end to be very satisfying. I even tried to adjust the port lengths to compensate for the loss of mass rings, but after extensive listening, I returned the ports to the original JBL specs and like the results very much.


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    Niklas Nord

    anyone having any ideas about the 2234

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