Hi Tom,

Had a quick look at that Denon unit. Looks pretty nice.

As for my bad luck with mini disks on EBay, well they keep sending me e-mails (4 in two days), pushing the knife in the injury a little deeper each time! with "Are you still interested in getting Mini Disks?" or "The seller accepts offers", etc. One day will be my lucky day I guess...

Have a desktop with Win 8.1 I rarely use, just for back-ups, since I don't like Win 8 at all, same for many folks, prefer using Win 7 laptop. Thought the desktop could save my ass for EBay, but it has Internet Explorer 11 also. So I'm a dead duck for now... LOL

Have already identified the HP Probook Win 10/Edge replacement laptop I want, its available here on special order only, 4 wks delay but i'm not in a rush since it will go on next year's expenses (2019 $ gone). Quite a few greenbacks will fly out the window for this... Regards,