Hello, i am new at this forum, i have a pair of Altec 19 with new crossovers from ebay seller master mutter , I am using a Ear V20 (2x24w) and its a very good match, i also have a Conrad Johnson pv10 preamp and i planning to use a SET power amp, maybe a 45, 300b or 2a3 tube amp.

Any tips from other 19 owners on what works well with them? I would like to try a CJ power amp with them at some point because of soundstage. Maybe Acoustic research too.

I like tubes but i understand a big solid state would give better bass and control over the 15" elements.

My 19s are in good condition but i would like to tune the horns a bit down, any tips on how to do it? I am missing the foams around the horns but i read it doesnt really matter much and its mostly a cosmetic detail. What do other 19 owners think about it?

Thank you