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    Hello Paul!

    The I-TECH’s are currently out in the garage, driving a Danley system.

    I have been meaning to build a rack with a fairly simple labyrinth in the rear for air entry and exit lined with 1” Owens Corning 703 to hopefully keep the noise down. That project is getting close to the top
    of the list as I have completed several projects recently.

    I think I was supposed to send you a sketch of what I was thinking about. I still can if you would like.

    I am going to jump over to you M2 BSS thread.

    All my best.
    If we knew what the hell we were doing, we wouldn't call it research would we.

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    Heads up...the price of the 2269H as a service part was recently reduced in price (significantly) so anyone thinking of doing a SUB18 clone or their own creation(s), it is probably worth getting a requote from their favorite JBL supplier.

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