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Thread: JBL C50 Olympus S8R inbound

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    JBL C50 Olympus S8R inbound

    A beautiful near mint set of C50 Olympus popped up on the local Facebook Marketplace and after a little negotiation they have been secured! Yeah!

    All drivers function, but you can tell they really haven't been used much at all over the past couple decades probably. And of course the Lansaloy surrounds are hard as a rock. So I have a couple initial questions for those more knowledgeable than I here.

    1. Where should I send the LE-15A to for the new surround and remag? I have some Scan Speak drivers at Speaker Repair Pros in CA and they seemed to know what these needed as well as potentially with the 075. But GordonW has done other stuff for me.
    2. What do I need to be considering with the crossover network?

    I'll post some photos when I get some better ones.

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    Congratulations! They are beautiful speakers, change the surrounds and bi/tri-amp with a DSP crossover and call it good.


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